Frequently Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions

We are based in Manchester, UK.

Our aim is to go live at least twice a month from Manchester Airport, although recently we have been upping our regularity of our airport live shows, with the addition of the “Mid-week show” which is a once-per-week live show often hosted by Andy and Lizz. We also tend to do weekend shows once or twice a month which include more members of the Airliners Live team and are usually done with the full, studio setup.

Manchester Airport is our home, and where most of our live aviation shows take place, however on rare occasions we do branch out to other airports, such as Barton and Hawarden.

You can become a supporter via Partreon, Facebook, or YouTube. Follow the “Support us” tab at the top of this page to follow the steps to becoming a supporter.

You can support us through Patreon, YouTube and Facebook, however the platform which would best help us financially would be Patreon, as these take the lowest cut of all the platforms monetarily, you can also pledge an amount of your choice on there too.

We encourage people to become supporters to help grow Airliners Live, and allow us to cover the cost of the live shows as well as better improve the quality and features on the shows. However we do our best to give back to those supporters of the channel, so to do so, we offer exclusive access to a supporter only Facebook group called the “Airliners Live VIP Lounge”, we give early access to our feature films, behind the scenes content, access to discussion on new features on the channel, and on set platforms such as YouTube and Facebook you will get a supporter badge next to your name in the live show chat.

We do offer live streaming as a service for third party events, we also offer video filming and photography services too, for more info, please get in touch through the “Contact us” page

We use both X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Martin initially founded Airliners Live, and early on was joined by Charlie, who the two of them ran the channel for over two years, Charlie has since taken a step back from the channel, and today the channel is co-run by Martin and Andy.

No, although Airliners Live is a registered partnership, Martin and Andy (two owners) also have full time jobs they work around Airliners Live. The goal is for both to become part time in the channel, allowing for more live shows and content, but for the time being it is a venture that is worked only in their free time.