Flight Simulation

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Recently we moved away from X-Plane 11 switching back to P3D. This was for a couple of reasons outlined below.

Firstly, although X-Plane has come on leaps and bounds with regards to aircraft developers implementing their add-ons, it’s still an area where we feel it lacks behind P3D. Some of my favourite add-ons such as the Majestic Q400 and the Flightsim Labs A320 are only available in P3D and over time you do tend to miss them.

  fslabs a320

Aircraft choice for P3D in general is much more generous especially in the “Heavy” aircraft category with offerings such as the PMDG 747, 777, Aerosoft A330 & Quality Wings 787 to name a few. All of which created to a very high standard in terms of aircraft systems, allowing you to take your simulation seriously and learn the real world procedures.

  quality wings 787

Alongside the aircraft, the one thing X-Plane was missing was an autosave feature. If it’s one thing all flight sims need, it’s an autosave. Due to the amount of third party addons running, flight sims tend to be unstable and the last thing you want is for your program to crash after a 6 hour flight!

A third party add-on for P3D called FSUIPC gives you this option and for me, this is a big part of my decision to move over. Even on our streams, you have seen me lose flights in X-Plane, with FSUIPC you load back in exactly where you left off and continue flying!

Overall P3D lacks slightly in the visual aspect where X-Plane is outstanding but the large choice of aircraft, the in depth systems included in the available add-ons and the autosave makes it a worth while trade for me. This is why I use Lockheed Martin Prepar3d V5.xx

coming soon…

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I am proud to use the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS system. If you are looking for a joystick and throttle set up built to last then look no further. Made from high quality metal, this heavy, robust HOTAS really lives up to the high price tag.
With the added weight of this set up and the high quality materials used, it provides precise input movements and doesn’t move around your desk as cheaper, lighter setups do. I highly recommend this setup.

This is the part of my setup where I have been happy to save some money. The T.Flight rudder pedals are certainly on the budget end, however due to the small amount I use them in the sim, I have gone for Thrustmaster’s cheapest set. But two years later, they are still going strong!!

[roadthemes_title heading_title="My PC Specs" sub_heading_title="Responsible for powering your virtual aircraft..."]

Processor: intel i9 9900k
Graphics Card: EVGA Geforce RTX 2070 Super
RAM: 64gb DDR4 3200mhz Corsair (Overkill due to PC being used for editing – 16 or 32gb will be fine)
Hard-Drives: 1 x m.2 500gb (Microsoft) – 1 x 500gb SSD Samsung Evo (P3D) – 1 x 1TB SSHD (add-ons)
Operating System: Windows 10 Home Premium

Recommendations: I regularly run a hard drive scan through the command prompt ran as an administrator using the command “sfc/ scannow

Following this I use a program called CCleaner to run a registry scan and a system health check. This program is free and removes any temp files not needed and fixes any registry faults.